Tatu Luuk

Serial entrepreneur with previous successful exits in construction and other fields. Tatu is also trained as a Finnish military officer and has a keen dedication to developing businesses and handling government bureaucratic processes like a master. Tatu has formal education in business, Agila Devops and numerous more years of experience that will benefit any entrepreneur within the MAFIA International family.

Petri Kiuru

Another serial entrepreneur leading many successful startups with offers for four million euros. Petri is also heavily involved with the BNI Finland chapter (Business Networking International) and can introduce new entrepreneurs to world of networking they never thought possible before.

Charles Rasmussen

Experience U.S. military logistician with experience in over 6 countries and experience working within FinTech startups in Tallinn. Charles seeks to apply his knowledge an experience to help people wanting bring their business ideas into a reality and help them set well defined goals that guide entrepreneurs through their journey to success.


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