MAFIA International

What is MAFIA International?
MAFIA International is a Business Consultant in Finland. Also, an incubator & accelerator based in Finland with a focus on helping entrepreneurs impact the world with their ideas. Our concept is simple and centers on building new entrepreneurs from the ground up and assisting existing entrepreneurs to take their projects to the next level.  Using proprietary tools for goal setting, tracking, and time management, entrepreneurs will be able to systematically tackle and accomplish every step needed to take their company in the direction they wish it to go. All the meanwhile backed by the support of the MAFIA International team and other entrepreneurs. By joining and being part of the growth and development process, we all build a community focused on the support and success of the MAFIA International family.

Our Values
Integrity - Professionalism - Goals Driven - Networking

Integrity: If you have nothing else in the world, you should be able to say you have integrity. Do you do the right thing when no one is watching? Can you trust your colleagues to do the right thing no matter what? More importantly, can they trust you? Without integrity, we cannot function as a community and this is why it is a core value of MAFIA International.
Professionalism: In business, your level of professionalism can make or break you. How you present yourself and your business will have a major impact on the proverbial flight path and trajectory of your career. Professionalism does not stop at manners and appearance but is also prevalent in your work and dedication to the task at hand. It requires a great deal of professionalism to take yourself to the next level and accomplish the work necessary to run your own business - making it a core value of MAFIA International.
Goals Driven: Earl Nightingale can be paraphrased as saying, a ship with no crew or captain will never make it to its set destination. Take the same ship, put a crew on it, and 9,999 times out of 10,000 it will make it to its destination. Goals are one of the single most important aspects of achieving anything. You need to know where you are going in order to get there and for this reason, it is one of MAFIA International's core values.

Networking: Being a lone wolf sounds cool, but rarely in nature does anything survive long on its own. In business and life, networking is arguably one of the most valuable tools available to anyone looking to find the next opportunity, generate the next winning lead, or find that perfect employee. MAFIA International encourages all founders and entrepreneurs to seek out opportunities to meet new and interesting people to expand their horizons.

Our Mission
MAFIA International wants to expand the business proficiency of new and existing entrepreneurs that seek to provide services to Finland - and the world - which improves the quality of life. The world is rich and abundant, but these resources are not used efficiently. It is going to take smart and driven people with great ideas, innovative thinking, and a network of support to achieve these goals. Step by step we will work to bring in a new age of technology and services that raise the standard of living for everyone in ways yet to be imagined.