Ready business ideas


Ready incubated business ideas:

1. Smart wear of the future for feeling and creating vibrations.

2. Selling restaurant buffets old going food for a special remunerated price.

3. Cushioning hard hits to the helmet with a self-tightening cushion.

4. Affordable living and lease with sleep pods.

5. Ear speakers for lifting consciousness with vibrations through the ear bones.

6. Robots to pack different nutrition combos as a private label.

7. Self-defence tool that can be used only by designated users with fingerprint or eye scan. 

8.Nutrition juice for long-range durability. 

9. Picture bank with use per views

10.  Carbon dioxide calculators for a person’s life choices to remunerate them

11. Customer rewards system and reservation system, also for hand washes for cars parked at home.

12. A mind-altering game that you play in real life with google maps and consciousness shifting tasks to learn compassion, Emotional Intelligence, Change management, and tolerance toward new and weird things learning the spiritual meaning for them.

13. A freight distributing company where you can sell and bid for free space of the air freight cargo room. 

14. Digital transportation platform, where one can set a desired/max time when to get transportation and how much he/she is willing to bid for it.

15. Arranging old debts to be paid off with a reasonable monthly payment

16.Granite or Italian marble framed bay view and scenic windows 

17. Making a physical database that can be installed in the temple of the brain to store all important memories and to upload them to the cloud for backups in case of accidents.

18. Nuclear fusion promoting company that builds a platform to sell used nuclear waste to the nuclear fusion power plants or to storage before the technology is widely available.

19. Making internet-based sales automatically calculate, report, and pay the taxes correctly to each member country of the EU based on the buyer’s location.

20. Making geothermal heat as a standard part of the piling piles.

21. The healing and radiation e.g EMP protecting layer structure

22. Blue cottage cheese for wine enthusiasts to place on top of the crackers

23. Organic Red wine with nutritional herbs

24. A chip under your skin that would allow you to pay and receive payments through the swipe feature

25. Jewelry design program - Custom-made jewelry from gemstones and precious metals according to customer designs.