MAFIA International Founders

As MAFIA International grows the team and participating entrepreneurs, some of the noteworthy and successful entrepreneurs within the program will be listed and as a business sparring partner to help others learn from their process and develop their own ideas further.

What We Expect From Founders

What we expect from founders choosing to work with MAFIA International is no less and no more than any other company. As founders will be a representative of the MAFIA International brand, all founders should conduct themselves with the core values in mind at all times. By acting in such a way that may cast a less than desirable light unto the MI brand effects not only our mission but the mission of every entrepreneur working towards their goals. To help keep things easy to understand, we have bullet pointed some of the dos and don'ts below:

  • DO conduct yourself with the values of MAFIA International
  • DON'T use aggressive or threatening behaviour towards anyone within the MI incubator or otherwise. It will not be tolerated and could result in adverse action being taken.
  • DO treat employees and founders with kindness and respect.
  • DO keep information shared within MI network confidential and for official use only.
  • DON'T use misleading sales tactics, lie to partners, to investors, or anyone else.
  • DON'T procrastinate your responsibilities. Moving towards goals requires steps taken every day.